Makeup by Hinako @ The Wall Group using Tom Ford Beauty and Make Up For Ever

Hair by Hannah Burdy

Lingerie by Stockroom and Presse Maison Close


Self Portrait - Yemen, 2012

in the middle of a Yemeni winter, still blazing hot. in the house my father and his fourteen siblings were born and raised. on the verge of turning twenty-four years old. 

every day, stuck in a veil that, although I knew was necessary, made me scream inside.

the arab spring. seeing the country my father called home crumbling to pieces. preparing for my trip to Egypt, the country my mother calls home, to join my fellow comrades in protesting for their rights. our rights. 


Farewell 2014

A year of love. A year of pain and not-knowing.  Work. An endless amount of work. 

Melancholy memories made with friends, old and new. 

No high without low. No growth without ache.


Behind the Scenes - Steve Madden Dubai

I spent a week in Dubai producing and directing an awesome campaign for Steve Madden. Somewhere between the delirium of horrible jet lag and incredibly long work days, we managed to have a lot of fun. I'm so grateful to have had such an incredible team, and I can't wait to share what we've worked on nonstop for the past few months. 


Tree Grows

Charles Shedden aka OWVBICS handmade a million little books of his drawings based off my photographs. Here's some of my favorites :